What is task- and field-specific writing feedback?

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Created On: 2008-06-25 8:57 AM
Author: John Fallon [jfallon@vantage.com]

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CorrectEnglish was built on the philosophy that written communication differs across various professions and fields of study. By targeting the tasks and styles unique to each field, each CorrectEnglish edition offers the most relevant tips and instruction, whether you are writing a biology lab report or a thank-you letter.

Simply select the task you are working on from your product's task list, and CorrectEnglish will break down its particular style, development, and format into simple tips and models to guide your writing and revision.

CorrectEnglish provides instruction in three formats:

Generic writing instruction cannot compare to the level of detail and ease-of-use that CorrectEnglish task-specific writing feedback provides.

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